Become a Supplier

We understand departing with a dress you invested in is difficult for you, which is why Designer Room has come up with the perfect solution in getting you a higher return from your dresses without having to sell anything.

How It Works

1. Submit Your ITEMS

Sign up and submit images of your dresses.

2. Get Them Approved

We’ll have an initial review and then ask for a physical inspection.

3. You’re All Set

Start earning money once your dress is hired.


Attach up to 3 images:



Designer dresses in great condition. What won’t rent? Fast fashion (H&M, Zara) and knockoffs.

Physical Inspection

Please make sure your dresses are freshly laundered and stain free before submitting them for physical inspection.


The rental price is anywhere from 5% to 15% of the retail price.
This depends on the item’s durability, condition & brand.


Your dresses are insured from the moment they are accepted. We have you covered wherever they might be.

Hassle Free

We take care of everything for you, from renting your dresses out, to delivering and keeping them in mint condition.


All items are stored in our showroom. Want to pay us a visit?
Let us know!