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To come visit our Room in Dublin 4 call us on 086 7856128 or email us and try on a selection of dresses before hiring.

We OPEN when YOU want us to, so schedule a time that suits your schedule.


There are three simple steps to our process, Choose It, Wear It, Return It.

Choose It

  • Browse our designers dresses online to choose your dress to hire or visit our Room to try on the dress.
  • You can filter by size, occasion or designer.
  • You can only select one dress per order and hire for a maximum of 4 days.
  • Once you select your dress and size, confirm delivery and return date, we will then email you confirming order number and confirm delivery details.
  • Prior to your chosen delivery date, we will email you a reminder that your order is ready for collection or if you prefer we can deliver to an address of your choice during your scheduled delivery window.  Contact & tracking details of the courier company will be on this mail.

If you do require to try the dress on beforehand, you can schedule an appointment by contacting us.  Appointments are only based in Dublin 4.


Is a signature required for delivery?

Yes, customers are required to sign or have someone sign on their behalf.



For the security of the dress, Designer Room is under obligation to charge your credit card a €50 deposit fee.  This will be fully refundable on return of the dress once the dress is returned in the same condition as it was delivered.


Wear It

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. Please understand that if the dress is returned with any kind of irreversible damage, you will be charged the full retail price of the dress according to our price list.  If the dress can be repaired we will take the cost out of the deposit fee. Please note we want you to enjoy the dress and nearly always dresses come back in perfect condition. There is something about wearing a designer dress that makes you feel like a million dollars and you wear the dress with pride.


How are the dresses cleaned?

We will look after the dry cleaning and take great care to get the dresses cleaned as soon as they arrive back to us.



What if the dress I ordered doesn’t fit?

We do not give any refunds on dresses delivered due to the short turn around time on the 4-day hire.  We do offer private appointments to try on and view our full collection prior to your event to ensure fit.  Ccontact us at your earliest convenience and we schedule your appointment.


How long can I hire the dress?

4 days is the minimum and maximum hire reservation.  If you do require extra time please get in contact with us .

TIP: We recommend you schedule your order to arrive 1 day before your event.



How do I return my dress?

We look after the return courier.  Our customer service team will email you the day before your dress is due to be picked up to remind you that a courier has been booked, and to give you a tracking number. The courier will pick up the dress at the designated address you scheduled when you ordered.

Full details will be enclosed in the packaging.


Do I pay for the return cost?

All returns are free.


Is a signature required for the returns?

Yes, customers are required to sign or have someone sign on their behalf.


What if I return my order late?

Please keep in mind that someone else is counting on this dress for their special event. Please make sure to be available when the courier comes to collect the dress. If you return the dress late, Designer Room charges 5% of the retail value of the Dress for each day, with a total penalty of twice the retail value of the Dress being due for any Dress not returned after 20 calendar days.


Can I keep or purchase a dress?

We only offer our dresses for hire at this time. However, if you are interested in purchasing a dress, please contact us.