Hire a dress – How it works

There are three simple steps to our process, Choose It, Wear It, Return It.

A short video on how hiring a dress works: Click Here

Choose It

  • Browse our designers dresses online to choose your dress, then visit our Show Room to try on the dress.
  • You can filter by size, occasion or designer.
  • Once you select your dress and size, confirm delivery and return date, we will then email you confirming order number .
  • Prior to your chosen Hire date, we will email you a reminder that your order is ready for collection.

To schedule an appointment contact us here.  Appointments are only based in Dublin 4. We open when you want us to.

Wear It

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. We treat all cases on an individual basis.99% of the time the dress comes back in perfect condition, there is something about wearing a designer dress that makes you feel fabulous & amazing.

How are the dresses cleaned?

We will look after the dry cleaning and take great care to get the dresses cleaned as soon as they arrive back to us.

What if the dress I ordered doesn’t fit?

To avoid this happening we encourage all customers to visit our Show Room to try on.We offer appointments to suit the customer. Contact us at your earliest convenience and we will schedule your appointment.

How long can I hire the dress?

4 days is the minimum and maximum hire reservation. 
TIP: We recommend you schedule your collection 1 day before your event.



How do I return my dress?

Our customer service team will email you the day before your dress is due to be returned.The dress must be dropped back to Designer Room on the scheduled date agreed.All late returns incur a €10 per day fee.


Can I keep or purchase a dress?

We only offer our dresses for hire at this time. However, if you are interested in purchasing a dress, please contact us.



Sell or Buy Designer Items – How it works

1. List your items 

Free sign up.  Take a photo with brief description and upload it in less than 60 seconds.

Be sure your photo of your dress is clear and with a white background.  The better the picture the more it will attract a buyer.

2. Share it

Share listings on the designerroom.ie to your social network of shoppers.  The more shares it gets = more sales.

3. Earn cash

You’re all set.  Start earning money once your dress is sold.   

If the price is not right – you have the option to ask the seller and make a new offer.  This will be accepted or declined by the seller and you will be notified within a short period of time. 



This is an option for the buyer to choose the price they are willing to pay if the sale price is not right.  Check out this video with how it works:



If the buyer bought an item and it is not what they expected, Designer Room allows the buyer to

(a) put it back on sale up to 72 hours after receiving it, or

(b) you have 7 days after receiving the item to return it for a full refund.  Items need to be returned in sealed packaging.

Designer Room will provide return address for the package to returned to.