Start Earning Money by Renting 

Find out what you could earn by renting out your items

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    How We Work

    We manage the whole process for Lenders to ensure the security and cleanliness of all your pieces. We operate on a commission basis – see pricing below.

    1. What we accept

    We accept contemporary – high end designers, no high street please.  Items must be clean and in a good quality condition and with no marks or repairs (don’t forget to check under the arms for stains!).   If you wouldn’t rent it, don’t expect others to.

    2. How to send items 

    Please complete the form (start renting above) or email with images of the top 3 items you would like to list and we can then review and schedule a time to receive your items.

    In the event that we receive anything that is unsuitable for the marketplace, we will return this to you at your cost.

    3. what happens next

    After receipt of your items and inspection, we will email you with all the information and prices the items will be listed for

    The items will be photographed and uploaded onto the marketplace – we will then email you a link to your items and to celebrate you becoming a Designer Room Lender.

    We focus on offering a one of a kind experience in connecting people and their wardrobes.  We thrive on trust, respect and a shared affinity for discovering fashion.


    WHAT Rents?

    Designer items in GREAT condition. What won’t rent? Fast fashion (H&M, Zara) and knockoffs.

    REMEMBER: If you wouldn’t rent your item, don’t expect anyone else to.

    Approval Inspection

    Please make sure your items are freshly laundered and stain free before submitting them for inspection.  Approval will be within 24 hours.


    The renting price is agreed by the Designer Room which would be based on the Retail price of the items.
    The split  of revenue is 30% to the Lender and 70% to Designer Room.


    Upload at least 3 photos

    Use natural light and a white background for your photos

    Use a hanger or mannequin

    Show your item accurately – the better the picture the more it rents.


    Hassle Free

    It takes less than 60 seconds to list your item. Designer Room look after your items, all you need to do is list it.

    Get help from real people

    Contact us by email or phone.  We’re here for you day or night.