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How It Works

1. List your items 

Free sign up.  Take a photo with brief description and upload it in less than 60 seconds.

2. Share it

Designer Room will share your items via social networks.  Remember the more we can share together to our social network of shoppers = more sales.

3. Earn cash

You’re all set.  Start earning money once your dress is sold.

We focus on offering a one of a kind experience in connecting people and their wardrobes.  We thrive on trust, respect and a shared affinity for discovering fashion.


WHAT Sells?

Designer dresses in GREAT condition. What won’t sell? Fast fashion (H&M, Zara) and knockoffs.

REMEMBER: If you wouldn’t buy your item, don’t expect anyone else to.

Approval Inspection

Please make sure your dresses are freshly laundered and stain free before submitting them for inspection.  Approval will be within 24 hours.


The selling price is agreed by the seller.
This depends on the item’s durability, condition & brand.


Upload at least 3 photos

Use natural light and a white background for your photos

Use a hanger or mannequin

Show your item accurately – don’t use stock photos


Hassle Free

It takes less than 60 seconds to list your item, and we’ll guide you from start to sell.

Get help from real people

Contact us by email or phone.  We’re here for you day or night.