The Story Behind Designer Room & Founder

Did you ever spot a designer dress that you loved, looked at the price tag, put the hanger down and immediately felt the need to leave the shop? It happens to all of us and in recent times the high-priced designer labels has become even more expensive.

So Why Designer Room?

As a lover of fashion, I was often online looking at beautiful yet unaffordable dresses, always wondering if there was a place where I could hire a designer dress without paying the full retail price. My bank balance unfortunately couldn’t stretch to buying a designer dress for every occasion and especially as these dresses are usually only worn once or twice. This is where the kernel of the idea sparked to develop ‘Designer Room’. Why not invest more in your daily wardrobe and rent dresses for your special occasions!

My Vision

From the start, my vision has been about one thing and that is to provide women with a choice when choosing a dress. Why would you buy when you can now hire a designer dress for a fraction of the cost price. I’ve always believed in the power of dressing especially in making women feel confident and beautiful. We all know it, when we put something on that we don’t love, we are not showing who we truly are compared to when we wear something we absolutely love there is a different side to us – we shine with beauty & confidence.

Why would you choose Designer Room?

  1. Because it gives you choice before you decide if you want to buy a dress.
  2. Visit the ShowRoom, try on as many dresses as you wish and then you know what options you have to when it comes to your event.
  3. If you have more than 3 or 4 events a year, hire 4 different dresses verses the price that you would pay for 1 dress. Makes sense right.

How It Works

Designer Room is a simple concept ‘why buy when you can hire designer dresses’. To do so it takes only 3 steps: 1: Book an appointment to visit our ShowRoom or book it online @ 2. Choose & reserve the dress you want for your occasion 3. Return after 4 days and we look after the dry cleaning. We often get asked what happens if I spill something on it, don’t worry, our dry cleaners look after all that, so all you got to do, act as if you own the dress and feel fabulous. We have dresses for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, communions, family events, black tie events, racing etc. Women find great pleasure in wearing clothes that are exclusive and not available to everyone else. Aside from that, they want to have the same designer dress as the one they’ve seen worn by a celebrity. More’s the pity, designers don’t mass-produce, they make only a limited number or once off garments. I started out with ten dresses a few months ago which has now grown to over a hundred and thirty.  I am constantly reinvesteing back into the business buying more dresses for my clients for them to have more choice.

Thoughts & tips on what I learned in starting out?

I remember it when Designer Room was just an idea hand written on a page, only last year 2017 and now it’s real and its really happening. Looking back on my first year, I was naïve on what it takes to run a business but what stood to me was that I truly loved and believed in what I am trying to do. Now, I find myself getting smarter in how I operate and most importantly really understanding who and what my customers want. There are 2 words that stand out for me and they are ‘Persistent’ and ‘Perseverance’, no matter what happens the show much go on. And most importantly BELIEVE in what you do and have a vision on what you want to achieve. What I love most about my business, aside from the dresses is the diversity of people that I am getting to meet. In some ways, Ireland can be so small in that everyone one way or another is connected to each other. What’s more, believe it or not, no one has all the answers and everyone faces a lot of the same challenges. No one achieves success alone. I started as a one-woman and while it is still myself running the business there are always people in your life who help you to get to where you are. In the shadows my friends and family who have listened, advised and stood by me all the way. I have 2 beautiful kids, Juliet and Samuel and I know only too well and understand the demands of busy women and the importance of flexibility. Therefore, I am always happy to open my showroom for appointments outside of the usual business hours. Clients can preview the full collection on and then book an appointment to suit their schedule. Designer Room founded by Rhoda McDonagh * giving women a choice to hire affordable designer dresses for a fraction of the price * #whybuywhenyoucanhire