Becoming a More Sustainable Shopper

becoming a sustainable shopper

It is more important than ever before to start making sustainable choices when it comes to clothing and fashion. With 10% of carbon emissions globally directly coming from the clothing industry, consumers need to change their buying decisions to help save the environment around them. This blog will include a few tips you can incorporate to become a more sustainable shopper.

Quality over Quantity 

This is one of the easiest ways to becoming more sustainable when buying clothes. When you a buy a more expensive and high-quality item, you are more likely to look after and care about it. From this, you are then more likely to have it for longer because it’s looked after and kept well. This reduces the number of times you have to buy, which means less clothes have to be made!

Inform Yourself

It is very important to know the right places to shop. By this, we mean knowing you are shopping from a sustainable and reliable source. It is quite easy these days to research the level of sustainability that a brand incorporates into their production and distribution. Even just start off by Googling your favourite brand’s sustainable policies (if they have them). Knowing where your clothes are made and how they’re made can be a huge indicator in knowing you are shopping sustainably. 

30 Wears Challenge

Eco Age is a company that certifies brands on their sustainability. The founder of Eco Age, Livia Firth, created a campaign called “#30Wears”. The aim of the campaign is to get people to only buy clothes they could wear 30 times. So, if you’re about to purchase something, just ask yourself “will I wear this 30 times?”. Chances are, you will probably say no. Instead, opt for pieces that are more versatile, and you could wear in a range of occasions or environments.