Down Through the Decades: Women’s Fashion

1900's dress style

The 1900s: S-Bend Corset 

The s-bend corset was seen rising in popularity in the 1900’s through the Edwardian period.  This particular corset helped to alter the posture of the individual wearing it and was also though to improve the health of the wearer. Towards the end of the decade, more leisureful apparel came into popularity, with many women’s wardrobes filling with blazers, long skirts, and wool sweaters. 

 1910s: The Hobble Skirt

Designer Paul Poiret created “hobble skirts”, which brought something new to the table in terms of women’s fashion. Up until this point, women’s skirts had longer hemlines. The hobble skirts were narrower down through the ankle and sometimes banded below the knee. This banding restricted movement, and often lead to injury. 

Though the skirts did not stay around for very long, the design of the hobble skirt inspired more practical designed to be introduced in the future, such as duster coats and lace-up boots.

1910's the Hobble Skirt

1920s: Flapper Style

The flapper style is iconic to the 1920s, instantly recognisable with the drop waists, beaded designs, and feathered accessories. The trends seen in the 20s have an alluring appeal with the glamorous looks.

It was also in this era that Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress, or “LBD”, offering wearers simplicity and elegance. The colour black was forever transformed from being associated with widows and servants to elegant and chic. 

The flapper Style

1940s: Bikinis

The 1940s was the period where women’s fashion really started to transform from inherently modest to more sensual and freeing. A two-pieced swimsuit, known as a “Bikini”, rose to popularity in the beginning of 1943 due to the U.S. Government bringing in fabric rationing. Fast-forward three years, French designer Louis Réard created the bikini that we all know today, cutting the design the design below the belly button. This rash take on swimwear was not fully embraced until years later.

1940's Bikinis

1960s & 1970s: Bold choices & Platform heels

Miniskirts came into fashion in the 60s, being known as a bold fashion choice among all age groups.

Alongside the topical miniskirt, platform heels rose to fame in the 70s.  With adding the extra height to the wearer with comfort and ease, these shoes were the best of both worlds. Platform heels really came into fashion around the disco period with the trends associated taking over the fashion scene and has been seen throughout the decades as a fashion staple.

1960 1970's Style

1990s: Minimalism

Minimalism became a big trend in fashion in the 90s, with slip dresses and sheer fabrics. This trend was simple but impactful. Trends that came up in the 90s that keep making comebacks up through the following decades and can still be seen in fashion today.

1990's Minimalism

2000s: Tracksuits & Athleisure

The 00s could been seen as a revolutionary time for fashion journeys throughout the decades, where people were swapping skinny brows and chokers for more fun and “hip” options. Out of the many trends that came out of this era, tracksuits seemed to have been the most popular. Beloved by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, Juicy Couture’s velour two pieces are already a nostalgic item that certain celebs—not to mention the brand itself—are trying to bring back today. 

2000'a Tracksuits & Athleisure

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